Climate change is an increasing problem in our world that has the potential to devestate humanity in unforeseen ways. As shareholders in our climate’s future, we have little time left to make changes in our society to protect the earth for ourselves and for future generations. However, if we act strongly and swiftly, we still have time to create great change to preserve the benevolent habitat that Earth is.


Striking raises awareness for the dire issues our generation is facing, and also alerts politicians about the importance of dealing with climate emergency. Furthermore, young people (especially those that can’t vote) finally have a way of acting on their desire to save the earth. Striking is a collective action we can use to make our voice heard. We all need to stand up for a livable future, so join us at our next strike on September 20!


Absolutely! We welcome strikers of all ages to come out on September 20 and march with us in a show of solidarity. Contact us if you have any experience you want to contribute (art, science, policy, safety protocol, facilitating, press, media, etc.) — or if you just want to volunteer to support our team! We’d love support, and there’s so many ways to help so that the strike goes smoothly :)


Our strike begins with a march from Diridon Station near downtown San Jose to the San Jose City Hall. We ask that attendees meet at 2:45 pm at Diridon Station on Friday, September 20th. As we march to City Hall, we will chant, sing songs, and hold up our signs. Once everyone reaches the city hall plaza, there will be a rally with a variety of speakers, cheers, and news coverage (!). The strike will end at around 5pm on the City Hall steps. 

We will help organize transportation within schools, so when you contact us, we will help you determine the simplest route. It is highly recommended to find your nearest Caltrain station to be directly dropped off at Diridon Station. To get your school involved, please email svyouthclimatestrike@gmail.com and let us know your name, phone number, and school. We will provide guidance and answer any questions you might have.

We ask that you can take public transit or carpool with other strikers to attend the event.

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority offers ways to get to the train station via shuttles, buses and light rail.

Use the Transit app to map a route to the strike from your location: https://transit.app/

If you have any questions about accessing public transit to get to the strike, please email Monica at: monica.mallon@sjsu.edu

Learn More about all Parking Options at this Link: http://www.caltrain.com/riderinfo/Parking/sanjosestationadditionalparking.html